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Hello, I'm
Ben Gillott

Web / Blockchain Developer


  • Name: Ben Gillott
  • Nationality: British
  • Address: Neath Road, Morriston, Swansea, SA6 8HG

Professional Profile

Consistently proactive and results driven with excellent time management and organisational skills. Business oriented web developer with a keen eye for online marketing and SEO.

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Web Development Skills

Despite predominently using visual studio in university while developing C# programs and ASP.Net applications I prefer coding for the web using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP.


Expert, 10+ years


Advanced, 7+ years


Advanced, 3+ years

ASP.Net C#

Advanced, 4+ years

SEO Expertise

Expert, 10+ years

Video Marketing

Advanced, 6+ years

Web Knowledge

Having been designing and promoting web sites since 2004 I have seen many changes in SEO and PPC strategies over the years, gained alot of experience, and now would really like to use this expertise to help a local business. Here is a list showing some areas in which I have some expertise:

  • Google Analytics
  • SEO & Content Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • PPC & SMM
  • Bootstrap v3
  • jQuery
  • MySQL & SQL Server
  • Node.js & Mongo db
  • Wordpress
  • Angular.js
  • Backbone.js
  • Realtime Web Sockets

Driving License

Hold a full UK driving license with 0 points and 0 accidents in over 15 years of driving. Licensed to drive cars, car with trailer, quad bikes, medium and large lorries including with trailer, tractors, tanks, tracked vehicles, mopeds and other specilist vehicles.
Categories Held: B, BE, B1, C, CE, C1, C1E, F, H, K, P.

Driving Ability

Hobbies and interests

Other than business and web development I also like to stay fit and active, although I must say since leaving the Army in 2008 my fitness level has dropped significantly! Being a proactive person that does not like to be held back by others I tend to enjoy adventurous solo sports over team sports, however I do prefer to take part with others in these activities when possible.
Favourite Activites: Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Skiing, Surfing, Kayaking, Hillwalking, Camping, Archery, Cycling.

Fitness Level
Spirit of Adventure


Over 10 Years Experience!

Back in 2004 whilst serving in the Army I embarked on my first home business, this quickly led to creating my first web site and soon a love for both web design and online marketing was born. In the subsequent years I have created web sites for over 50 local businesses while also managing several online marketing campaigns.

Celtic Green Energy

Digital Manager

2014 - PRESENT
Complete development of the company website as well as several Wordpress blogs to boost SEO with regular content creation. Plus also managing several Google and Facebook marketing campaigns and conversion tracking.

Project Manager

2013 - PRESENT
A start-up event based site that went from 0-700+ members in the first 3 months solely through Facebook marketing. The site is currently being redesigned as the business structure has since changed.
Swansea HMO

Property Manager

2008 - PRESENT
After completing several high value property investing training courses in the late 2000's I began renovating and maintaining properties as HMO's, sourcing tenants and managing the finances.
Body by Vi


2013 - 2013
Assisted an IFBB Pro body builder in promoting the launch of the Body by Vi business in the UK using social media and video marketing which were supported by PPC campaigns.
DIY Debt Disposal


2011 - 2013
With some real life experience of disputing unrecognised debts from your credit report I wrote a short 'how to' book and developed it for the Kindle platform making it available on Amazon.
Nuts Poker League


2007 - 2009
Seen on the Dragons Den, while still serving in the Army I successfully took on two franchise regions employing tournament directors and setting up poker events across the RG & GU postcode regions.


2004 - 2008
My first ever step into the world of self-employment and running a business, this involved alot of on and offline advertising which soon led to my love of web development and internet marketing.
British Army

Vehicle Mechanic

2000 - 2008
Experienced and qualified vehicle inspector and mechanical fitter who was incharge of a small work force of mechanics working on a wide range of military vehicles from Land Rovers to MKII Challenger Battle Tanks!


My Education in a Nutshell

Unfortunately as the internet was not available when I was in school the idea of becoming a web developer was not an option, which is why I have enjoyed such a wide and varied education and work life. Today may webucaton continues online rather than in classrooms as new technologies and web programming languages are released.

MongoDB University

for Node.js Developers

Jan - Mar 2017
Took part in a 7 week course with the MongoDb University to gain more in depth knowledge of using MongoDB as part of the MEAN stack. Luckily managed to pass the course with 100%! certificate --> click here
Swansea Met. University

BSc Web Development

2010 - 2014
While PHP, Javascript etc. were covered, the degree focused heavily on Microsoft technologies using visual studio to produce desktop software using C# as well as ASP.Net for web services and MVC sites.
Google Analytics Academy

Digital Analytics

A fantastic course ran by Google that focused on the advanced use of Google Analytics for segmenting data specifically for certain key performance indicators, goal and conversion tracking.
SEME Bordon

Level 3 Mechanics

2001 - 2006
While serving 8 years in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME - Army) I acquired many mechanical engineering qualifications as well as crane operating licenses.
Graig CCTA

GNVQ Adv. Science

1996 - 1999
During college I mostly studied science as I had enjoyed science in school. However while I was there I also studied Law and outdoor pursuits e.g. rock climbing, kayaking etc.


A brief history showing some of my web projects

Over the last 10+ years I have created over 50 web sites for commercial purposes but having been through many laptops over the years screen shots of this work is in short supply. Here is a snapshot of some of my work:


Let's Keep In Touch

Whether you want to get in touch to offer me some work, even a full time job or even just to say hi ask a question; please go ahead I am always open to new opportunities.

Drop Me a Line

Ben Gillott
Neath Road, Morriston
Swansea, United Kingdom.
07957 875 680

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Ben Gillott